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Nood Co Basins

Premium Concrete & Nood Co Basins

If your bathroom is feeling a bit meh, we've got the secret sauce to take it from drab to fab! Meet Nood Co basins—the game-changers of modern design & unbreakable durability. We also have a luxury range of concrete basins that give comfort with all the functionalities of a premium basin!

Customise Your Bathroom Bliss

At Designer Bathware, we like to blend modern design & concrete resilience to create bathroom magic. So, with Nood Co basins & concrete basins, say goodbye to flimsy basins that can't handle high-pressure splashes & spills. These basins are here to stay, built with high-quality materials and rigid strength.

Where Style Meets Perfection

Circular, square, fluted—take your pick! Our collection of concrete basins offers a variety of designs that are ready to make a statement in your bathroom. And, with our exclusive range of Nood Co basins, Designer Bathware has made its reputation in Melbourne for luxury bathroom accessories at competitive rates.

Luxe Sinks & Beyond

Step into a world of sumptuous textures & minimalist designs that let concrete be the queen of elegance. Our basin range isn't just about sinks; From nature-inspired textures to versatile designs, this is where Designer Bathware gets its name in the industry. So, contact us today or visit our full-stocked shop of Nood Co & concrete basins today!