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Wall Mixers

Shower Elegance, Regulated with Wall Mixers

Ready to take your bathroom from basic to brilliant? Our range of wall mixers & progressive mixers are like the water controllers for a bathing experience that's both convenient & stylish. From wall shower mixers that regulate between showerheads to diverter mixers that give you water control like a pro, get ready for a designed aesthetic that'll leave your bathroom feeling brand new!

Where Form Meets Functionality

Looking for a bathroom upgrade that's both practical & sleek? Our wall mixers are made with high-quality, durable materials, a modern design, and a sturdy outlook that elevates your bathroom. Imagine having ‌full control of water pressure & temperature at your fingertips. We make it possible at Designer Bathware… Just for you!

Mixing Style and Savings

It's time to grab stylish wall mixers at prices that'll make your wallet happy & your bathroom look chic! The perfect combination of style & savings is here with our new & exclusive range of diverter mixers at Designer Bathware. With our wall shower mixers, get ready to experience the budget-friendly sophistication of premium bathroom accessories!

Innovation That Endures

Our wall shower mixers have a dose of durability with a dash of style. They are built to endure every splash & spray. Our range of wall mixers is on the scale of quality, always tipping in favour of excellence. Get ready to enjoy the perfect balance of innovation & endurance with Designer Bathware.